How do I report an NFT, user, or collection?

We want to make sure that users are as safe as possible from scams and malicious content. Please review the following information if in the case that you are presented with a situation in which you would like to ensure that Rarible reviews a specific token, user, or collection.

Any reports that are looking for general support requests for a specific token are not reviewed by the same team that handles reports of a violation of our terms of use. If you have a general support request that is not about a report, the only way to receive assistance is to create a ticket on our helpdesk at the following here.

What are examples that qualify for a report?
- copyright infringement
- phishing scams in the description of an NFT 
- impersonation
- stolen art
- hate-speech of any kind
- general violations of our Terms of Service

All reports are reviewed by a specific team and are addressed with consideration of the details that are provided and any previous context. If in the case that you have reported an NFT/user/collection beforehand and have not seen action, please feel free to reach back out so that we can verify that the appropriate course of action was taken.

How do I report an NFT?

Step 1: Please click on the top left corner of the token, where you'll see 3 dots, and select 'Report'.


Step 2: Describe in as much detail the context of why you are reporting that specific NFT.


How do I report a user or collection?

Step 1: Select the 3 dots that are located under the profile picture of the user or collection that you would like to report.


Step 2: Describe in as much detail the context of why you are reporting the user. Reports that do not contain specific information about how a user has broken our terms of use may take longer to address. As we want to create a safe environment for users, it is imperative that this is included.

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